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Raw Materials


We are the largest concrete supplier whose main source of cement is from the UAE domestic market; could be from Al Fujeirah Cement Co., Al Binani Cement Co., ARKAN cement, Cemex etc. Cement from other manufacturers will also be provided if required by customer. Only deliveries having quantity certificate showing specific compliance will be accepted. The total capacity of cementitious materials is 3000 tons at a time on daily basis.

Mineral Additives

Silica fume, Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) and Purified Fly Ash (PFA) are also available to produce high performance concrete. All mineral additives will be stored in separate silos and dispatched into the mixer through automatic weighing systems. The quantity of the additives used in the concrete depends on the specification requirements.

Coarse Aggregates

Fully crushed and sound coarse aggregates (20mm and 10mm) from the approved sources are available in separate purpose built storage bays.

Fine Aggregates

Crushed rock sand (washed) from the approved sources as per the internal QA/QC procedure of MERM and Dune sand from Al Ain/Al Dhaid will be used for the concrete production. Middle East Ready Mix LLC (MERM) shall strictly conform to Dubai Municipality Administrative order No. 143-91 and only sand which is certified as complying is permitted to be used in the ready mix concrete.


The main source of water is Dubai. For quality control purposes regular independent laboratory tests will be conducted on samples collected from the main water tank. In addition, water is chilled to control the temperature of Ready Mix Concrete. Whenever required flake ice will also be used to maintain the temperature of concrete below 32 o C.


MERM uses admixture from different suppliers. For normal concrete, plasticizers, superplasticisers or combinations of these two will be used. In addition, special additives such as hydrophobic pore blockers, water proffers etc. will be used upon the request of the customer. All admixtures will be dispensed through automatic dispensing system.

Water Treatment Recycling Plant is already available in line with Dubai Municipality requirements and regulations.

Each location has an equipped mechanical workshop with foreman and skilled mechanics supervised by workshop Managers and two Mechanical Engineers. These Engineers implements an effective program to keep plants and equipment in a suitable working condition. Moreover; as well as the technical team in line with Dubai Municipality Administrative order No. 192 for the year of 2013.