MERM produces different ready Mix Concrete & Precast Products and the materials used for producing those are many. The materials are stored and used by modern techniques to ensure the easiness in dealing and quality.

Coarse Aggregates

High-quality coarse aggregates are stored in separate purpose designed bins, under full shade, with natural ventialtion to allow temperature reduction and stabilization. Easch bay is separated by concrete wall to prevent intermingling and cross contamination of aggregates. stock pile is built up by horizontal layers to avoid segregation and all bays are clearly identified.

Fine Aggregates

Fine aggregates, including dune sand, complying to the requirements of Dubai Municipality Administrative order no. 143-91 are stored in separate purpose designed storage bays in a similar manner to coarse aggregates.


Various types of cements from reputed manufacturers are stored in separate and properly constructed silos to reduce deterioration and wastage of cement. Each plant has four cement silos and each silo is clearly identified. The silos are fitted with dust filters to minimize air pollution.

Mineral Additives

Ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS), Micro silica; Pulverized - fuel ash (PFA), etc. are also available to produce high performance concrete. Bulk Mineral additives are stored in spearate silos in similar was to cement and dispatched in to the mixer through automatic weighing systems. Each plant has two no. silos for storing the additives in Big Bags are stored externally, with air circulation beneath and around the stacks. The bags are also air protected with tarpaulin or similar material.


Water from Bubai Municipality main supply is stored in insulated storage tanks prior to use and for quality control purpose, water, from the storage tank is tested in an independent laboratory at regular interval. The water is chilled to less than 50c in the water chilling plant prior to use in concrete.


All liquid admixtures are stored in bulk storage tanks or in durms according to the manufaturer recommendations. The main admixture suppliers of MERM are Master Builders Technologies (MBT), Grace and GIC.


Ice is stored in the storage area of the ice plan


Fiber is a high performance micro polypropylene fiber which complies with the requirements of ASTM C-1116 developed as a crack controlling additive for cementitious materials.