The Lake Group

Lake Group is one of East and Central Africa’s fastest-growing energy trading and transportation conglomerates. Ally Edha Awadh the young and energetic entrepreneur founded the first company in Group ‘Lake Oil’ in year 2006 at age 27. Over the years Lake Oil has established a strong footprint in all East and Central African countries and is now one of the 5 largest distributors of petroleum products in Tanzania. Being the mother company, Lake Oil is the strongest entity of the Group with other verticals such as Lake Trans, Lake Gas, Gulf Cement and Concrete Products and most recent addition being African Inland Container Depot.

LAKE OIL is a leading Oil Marketing Company in Tanzania providingend to end solution from Importation of Products through BPS system and having state of the Art Depot with a storage capacity of 38 Million Liters, having own logistic fleet of 300 tankers, and own Retail stations of 67 providing fuel to end customers with the highest Health, Safety and Environment standards.

We are geographically spread across every region of Tanzania and also neighboring countries of Zambia, DRC, Burundi and Rwanda. The secret behind our success is by providing highest service standards, providing quality and consistent supply of fuel, and customer care.

Lake Trans, the second company of the Lake Group is a logistic arm of the group owns and operates close to 500 trucks and serves as a regional contractor for commodities giants like Trafigura and Augusta. Each truck is fitted with a tracking device, which makes tracking of trucks easier once they have crossed the borders.

Lake Gas is part of Lake Group, headquartered in Tanzania providing retail and bulk supply of LPG in Tanzania, Zambia, DRC, Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda. We are importing LPG from international suppliers through Ship and having its own state of the art depot and filling facilities in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The latest addition to its innovative business model is the introduction of Composite LPG Cylinders for the first time in Africa.

Gulf Concrete and Cement Products (GCCP) is a leading Premix Company in Dar Es Salaam, providing quality premix concrete to the construction industry. We have our own quarry at Lugoba with Crushers and providing the aggregate to own consumption and to the construction industry. Currently GCCP is the Market leader in Dar Es Salaam doing premix business.

African Inland Container Depot, is the newest addition to the Group providing world class storage and transshipment of containers across East and Central Africa Located in Dar Es Salaam. Our streamlined procedures, systems and standardized processes in handling project cargo, freight forwarding and warehousing and efficient use and maintenance of equipment, ensure smooth operations and flow of containers.

Lake Group Vision is to become a world class Multi National Corporation providing Quality Products and Services of daily consumption in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner without damaging the environment, and also to identify and enter new areas of business thereby expanding the Group.

The Group is involved in various corporate social responsibilities programs aimed at assisting needy children, health care institutions and upgrade of various places of worship and spiritual guidance.