Technology and Machinery for Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant The company is the major among the approved concrete manufacturers, using the latest German technology fully computerized in the batching plant (BHS Sonthofen, Germany). The horizontal concrete plants are the best and most used solution for production of the ready mix concrete in the area. With ejector outputs of up to 120m³ hardened concrete per hour, the correct performance class is available for every requirement/batching plant.

Technology and Machinery for Chilled Water Plant The technology of the chilled water plant is from KTI, Germany. Our latest containerized chillers are specially designed for cooling the mixing water for batching plants from 45 °C down to less than 1 °C. Using evaporative condensers and a 4-stage cooling system these new containerized chillers are superior to any common water chiller available in the world. The capacity is 340m3 per hour.

Technology and Machinery for Ice Plant The technology of the Ice Plant also is from KTI, Germany with a capacity of 84 tons per day.

Technology and Machinery for Concrete Pumps The technology is from Germany and China; 4 numbers with a length of 42 meters, 37 meters and 36 meters. In addition to a static pumps with 2 numbers.

Technology and Machinery for Transit mixer The technology comes from HOWO - China with fully branded new 2015 transit mixer with a capacity of 12m3 per truck with 40 numbers.

A fully equipped laboratory to check and confirm the Quality Control procedure in line with the international and domestic markets standards, helps us to become the largest concrete supplier in UAE.