Currently the main customers and prospective clients for future business are the developer companies (especially where their own or hired architects are involved in the decision making process for material used in construction), consultants and constructing companies.

The main product in production – durable and non-durable concrete is very specific and would be sold only to general contractors as an additional part of any contract with them.General contractors primarily engaged in construction (including new work additions, alterations, remodelling, and repair) of residential buildings other than single-family house estates. This includes hotels, motels, apartments, and apartment houses or skyscrapers.

Several architects working in UAE are looking for new performance possibilities other than those already available. Currently only normal concrete mixes are available on the market. Also for the facades only glass or natural stone façades are used for the cladding. Acid treated pre-coloured wall panels are not known in UAE and the concept was enthusiastically received by the architects interviewed and was generally very popular among potential clients. Architectural concrete demand great care and precision when casting to create a finished high quality product that has classic, stone-etched appearance. With the successfully technology offered by the Company, which can convince the architects and finally the clients

The ordinary ready mix concrete is a structural product for building industry. General and special trade contractors primarily engaged in the construction of heavy projects not elsewhere classified. This includes industry halls, canals, drainage systems, athletic and recreation facilities, land preparation, rock removal, waste, water and sewage treatment plants, trenching construction and bridges, viaducts, elevated highways, and highways, pedestrian and railway tunnels. Especially if the Company is going to realize whole housing projects then the production of ordinary concrete mixes as a supplement to the main production is necessary. Therefore the Factory is providing these products also.