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Crack resistant/low shrinkage concrete

While often overlooked, the shrinkage potential of a concrete mixture is perhaps the most important consideration for concrete used to construct industrial floors on ground. All concrete, even shrinkage-compensating concrete, shrinks. Because of a loss in volume, concrete shrinkage can lead to cracking when base friction or other restraint occurs. Shrinkage also causes curling/ warping which can lead to a variety of slab issues including decreased load-carrying capacity (structural cracking) and joint stability problems such as spalling. Shrinkage-induced cracking and curling/warping can also contribute to decreased vehicle ride (a potential health and safety issue) and floor covering failures (buckling caused by reverse warping). In short, shrinkage is a factor in most concrete slab-on-ground performance issues. To increase the performance of concrete floors, shrinkage must be better understood and addressed. Therefore; a different type of special chemicals will be used in order to prevent this phoneme.