Message from the CEO

Our quality products, corporate image, and community profile are never sacrificed. When I started the business in 2006, I recognized that supplying quality products and workmanship was not enough.

Lake Group was established to cater to the infrastructural development of East Africa by providing an assorted range of integrated services to the construction industry. Although it has been a long pathway with a range of challenges, we have successfully built a strong reputation in the market and have attained the position of being one of the top in our field. Our strong principles and values based on performance with purpose have helped strengthen and shape our core, and has guided the Group through a path of prosperity and sustainable success.

MERM has developed the freedom to direct and control its destiny by remaining independent. We have the ability to anticipate and respond quickly to changing market conditions, customer demands and requirements of our many stakeholders. We strongly believe in the continuous growth of UAE, especially that it has now become a construction site for new, record breaking projects and a destination for new businesses. Highlighting itself globally as one of the most booming countries in the world, Middle East Ready Mix LLC sees it as its national duty to contribute and help further progress this advancement in economy and construction.

Currently handling some of the biggest projects in UAE, our ambitions for a stronger future push us to continuously strive forward in breaking new horizons, as well as build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients.

At the heart of Lake Group, we remain focused on attending to customer’s needs, investing in our employees, protecting our environment, and most importantly provide UAE with the local and international resources it needs to fulfill its future vision.

By playing our strengths, by always being prepared, Lake Group has yet many aspirations to accomplish. I welcome you to read on, and join us in our journey of success and endless innovation.

Ally Edha Awadh

Chairman of the Board